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Our Services

We are a fully functioning, multi-talented, cutting-edge digital agency. Our customer service via dedicated account managers is second to none. We specialise in the design and development of multi-platform applications, and in digital marketing.

UI and UX Design

We define requirements, create site maps, user flows, wire-frames and mock-ups in Zeplin / InVision, and cut assets.

Full Content Management

Our comprehensive Content Management Systems (CMS) allow full control of content, including copy, images and video.

Mobile Compatibility

We only build fully responsive websites, suitable for desktop, mobile and tablet. Our mobile apps use native technologies.

Online Transactions

We enable integrations with global payment gateway providers and merchant accounts, including Stripe, PayPal and Braintree.

Brand Management

From brand archetypes to the creation of a consistent digital presence, we are experts in managing global and local brands.

Great Customer Service

Our dedicated account managers and international team ensure around-the-clock support and truly great customer service.

About 22Four

We are a truly "local global" digital agency. With a network that extends from San Francisco to London, across Europe (Barcelona, Brussels, Warsaw) into the Middle East and South East Asia (Bangalore, Lahore, Istanbul) and across Africa (Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Freetown) we understand how to make digital work with or without data, with or without electricity. We are smart, and we are agile.

What makes us different from other digital agencies?

We are different from other digital agencies because we see diversity as a challenge rather than an inconvenience. Our first priority is to create solutions that really work for our clients and are tailored to their needs and designed to solve their problems in the long-term.

Why should you choose us to manage your digital presence?

You should choose us to manage your digital presence because we are as smart and agile as we claim to be. Our team is young and dynamic, and features some of the best designers, developers and digital marketers on the market.

How much experience do we have of international markets?

Not only do we operate in international markets, with a growing physical presence that spans three continents and a clientèle straddling the developed and developing worlds, but our team is extremely international, featuring English, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Pakistani and Indian to name but a few!

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22Four Is Awesome

.... and not even the smallest bit narcissistic, we assure you. Seriously though, everyone always asks you to name your "top three qualities", so we thought, why shouldn't we? And here they are.

1. Dynamic Content

CSS3, infographics, animations, videos. You name it, we do it.

2. Interoperability

Web and native applications, compatible with all browsers and devices.

3. Total Transparency

"Power to you" for project delivery. Phases, processes and interactions.


Our clients are as diverse as we are, spanning a wide range of industries - from utilities to financial services to healthcare and wellness to performing arts - and straddling the developed and developing worlds. You can check out some of our LATEST AND GREATEST WORK below. Whoops, that came off a bit strong.

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Latest News

Sometimes there's a lot to say and sometimes there's nothing to say. When there's nothing to say, you won't hear from us. So you can be guaranteed that when you do, it'll be worth reading about. Check out our latest news below.

Our Areas of Expertise

In case you were overwhelmed by the awesome qualities outlined above, or dazzled by our seriously cool video, here's an honest appraisal based on feedback from our clients regarding just how good we are in certain key areas.

Digital Marketing
Customer Services

Meet Our Directors

Before we let you loose on the rest of the team, we thought we'd warm you up by introducing you to our directors - or, as they like to call themselves, "the brains of the operation".

Kamal Faridi / Founder, 22Four Pakistan

Kamal Faridi is a well-known visionary in the digital strategy space. He has pursued his

Sophie Newman-Sanders / Founder, 22Four UK

Sophie Newman-Sanders is an entrepreneur with a background in technology consulting. She

Naumana Niazi / Co-founder, 22Four Pakistan

Naumana started her career as a technology geek after graduating in Software Engineering


We like to talk - mostly about what we do, but also occasionally about ourselves. So we thought we'd give it a break (just for a bit) and let our clients do the talking. They're the ones you should trust.

Contact Us

Our European office is based in Croydon, London (UK) and our Middle Eastern and South-East Asian office in Lahore (Pakistan). We manage our international client base based on requirements (and associated skill sets) rather than location, so be prepared to work with any of our teams around the world.

Please get in touch if you are (a) interested in working with us, (b) interested in working for us, (c) looking for a technology partner, or (d) keen to find out more.

Address: 22Four, TMRW Tech Hubs, 75-77 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1QE

Phone number: +44 7713 558 799

Email: hello@22fours.com