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We are 22Four International Corporation Ltd (or "22Four", as we are known among our friends), a multinational digital agency specialising in application design and development, brand management, and digital marketing. We are well established in the digital marketplace, with clients spanning three continents.

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What We Do

In case you were overwhelmed by the awesome qualities outlined above, or dazzled by our seriously cool video, here's an honest appraisal based on feedback from our clients regarding just how good we are in certain key areas.

Digital Marketing
Customer Services
What does "branding" involve?

Branding (of a product, a company) is a complex process. It begins with less tangible stuff such as your brand "archetype" and waltzes quickly through traits, characteristics, the "voice", and key words, before moving onto tangible stuff such as colour palettes and UI (User Interface) features. Our aim is not to do your branding for you, but to help you through it. 

Can you tell me more about the design process?

The design process begins with a detailed requirements' gathering exercise - often referred to in project terms as the "Analysis" phase. Once we've helped you to clarify what you want in terms of your user experience, we draw up some user flows, map out and then wireframe your product, before creating interactive "mockups" - colourful, connected pictures; what most people think of when you say "designs".

Isn't all marketing "digital marketing" nowadays?

It depends which part of the world you live in. For most of the developed world, marketing nowadays DOES mean digital marketing. However, in many parts of the developing world - where internet connectivity and electricity are hard to come by - marketing still means physical deliverables such as posters, flyers and billboards. We do both kinds of marketing; whichever you need.

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