Sophie Newman-Sanders / Founder, 22Four UK

Sophie Newman-Sanders is an entrepreneur with a background in technology consulting. She specialises in multi-platform application design and development for the healthcare and wellness industry.

Sophie is Founder and CEO of SNS Consulting (, a London-based business consultancy, Founder of Synnapps (, a Pakistan-based software development company, Founder of Dancrs (, a mobile app for dance class and event booking, and Founder of the UK arm of 22Four.

Sophie’s lifetime ambition is to have the greatest possible positive impact on the lives of some of the poorest and most deprived people in the world. To this end, Sophie is patron of Kings College London MedTech Society and works in an advisory capacity with multiple healthcare organisations including MedShr, and the South London Health Innovation Network. 

My Skills

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Latest Works

Our clients are as diverse as we are, spanning a wide range of industries - from utilities to financial services to healthcare and wellness to performing arts - and straddling the developed and developing worlds. You can check out some of our LATEST AND GREATEST WORK below. Whoops, that came off a bit strong.