About Our Team

We believe in conversation. We believe in engaging people (customers, employees and vendors) in deeper and increasingly meaningful relationships. We believe in unplugging and rewiring the value-chain to make it exponentially better. We believe our strongest asset is the human imagination. And we believe in making the world better, one step at a time.

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Meet Our Team

Now pay attention: you're about to be introduced to the most important part of our company - our team. The beautiful, creative, diligent bods who make 22Four and all its aims and aspirations possible.

Kamal Faridi / Founder, 22Four Pakistan

Kamal Faridi is a well-known visionary in the digital strategy space. He has pursued his

Sophie Newman-Sanders / Founder, 22Four UK

Sophie Newman-Sanders is an entrepreneur with a background in technology consulting. She

Naumana Niazi / Co-founder, 22Four Pakistan

Naumana started her career as a technology geek after graduating in Software Engineering

Iftikhar Ahmad / Human Resources Manager

Iftikhar Ahmad is a dynamic HR Professional with over 6 years’ experience in Recruitment

Naeem Babar / Web Developer

Naeem Babar has more than five years’ experience as a Front-end Developer specializing in

Muneeb Ahmed / Team Lead

Muneeb has spent over 5 years in the IT industry, managing open source projects, tech and

Adnan Ahmad / Mobile Consultant

Adnan Ahmad has 6+ years’ experience in mobile and web development using multiple langua

Shahid Saleem / Office Assistant

Shahid Saleem has more than 3 years' experience working as a professional office assistant

Our Partners

Sometimes we work with people who are so cool, we feel obliged to take the relationship to the next level. These are our partners, featuring a range of NGOs, tech hubs and other bewilderingly innovative organisations.